About Us


Şenol family has been engaged in agriculture for many years and operated as a supplier of the leading olive oil and fruit juice companies in Turkey.
In 2008, Abidin Şenol who is the founder of our company , established “Ats Natural Products Food Ltd” to evaluate the potential of the region and take the traditional pomegranate sour as a local avor to reach the large masses.



Currently, Ats Natural Foods is the fast growing independent manufacturer which produce mainly Pomegranate Sour Sauce, Vinegars,Ketchup , Mayonnaisse and Sesame Paste with it’s brands “Abidin Senol”, “Masterchef” and “Micotta” by using all natural ingredients and advance technology in its facility with 4000m2 closed area.



ATS Food is also leader in Traditional Turkish Sauce market and has export more than 20 countries worldwide.